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October 2010 issue of
Parent Life Magazine

Making Life Easier - Maternity & Baby Products

Cuddlebabe® Cocoon your baby with Cuddlebabe, a fleece infant wrap that is ideal for cold weather. No jackets or snowsuits are necessary when baby is dressed in regular clothing beneath this wearable blanket. Designed to be left in the car seat or stroller, Cuddlebabe features individual pockets for Baby’s legs, large flaps to close around Baby, and an attached hood for Baby’s head. A large square opening in the back prevents overheating and allows for restraining system straps to pass through. Competitively priced at $33.95; visit

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September 2009

wearable blanket

August 2, 2009

Baby Talk Back - To wrap or not to wrap

It's that time of year when parents are faced with the decision of whether to wrap or not wrap their infant children for bedtime and outdoor outings. Although we've been lucky with cooler nights dropping into the 60s, most people - at least in my household - still choose to decrease humidity by running the air conditioner while sleeping. But little ones can't always stand the cold as much as adults.

I, for one, like to wrap up in a blanket to sleep, but with children, sometimes 15 minutes into sleeping, the blankets usually are kicked off.

Several companies recognize this concern and have designed a way to keep children covered all night, indoors or out. The Cuddlebabe, dubbed the "wearable blanket," is great for campouts, while the Merino Baby Sleeping Bag or the grobag each provide a safer way to cover sleeping babies. Read on to discover the many benefits of wearable blankets.

by KMH Creations

What it is: The Cuddlebabe is a wearable blanket that fits all restraint systems, including swings. Flaps give babies freedom to move and the attached hood keeps baby's head warm when outdoors.

Cuddlebabe provides leg holes for the baby so little toes aren't poking out of a drafty blanket and the large flaps that close around the baby keep the child warm, especially when outdoors, and can easily be flipped open to prevent overheating.

A coordinating "silent" button gives parents more control over keeping the flaps closed when needed and opens quietly when transferring a sleeping baby from the car seat to the crib. The opening in the back also allows any restraint system to pass through, adding to the safety of the infant by removing bulky layers that can compromise a secure fit in a car seat.

Made of polyester fleece, the Cuddlebabe is soft and warm and simplifies preparing infants for outings.

What I thought: I've always hated the bulky winter-time coats when dealing with restraint systems.

When my son was still in the portable car seat, I couldn't have lived without my Cuddlebabe. Never having to take it out of the car seat was, in itself, a blessing, but the warmth provided by the Cuddlebabe is unlike any coat.

We used the Cuddlebabe once at an outdoor picnic-party that was held during a cool, damp evening. It kept my son warm enough to fall asleep comfortably in his stroller and later transfer him right to bed. Who could ask for anything more?

Recommended age: Birth to 22 pounds.

Recommended price: $33.95 for the Cuddlebabe; $43.95 for the Cuddlebabe and a matching blankee, trimmed and backed in silky satin.


September 2008 issue of
Baby Life Magazine

Cool Car Seat Gear

Cuddlebabe©Infant Wrap - This wearable fleece blanket is a unique baby blanket that replaces baby jackets and snowsuits. Cuddlebabe eliminates layers of infant outwear and piles of stroller blankets. Visit

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cuddlebabe Giveaway

Both of my girls were born in the winter months. The weather during those times was freezing. Taking the kids out in the cold weather was hard. With Sam I had to try and bundle her up with blankets. but that was hard because I couldn't put any of them under her because they would make the car seat straps loose. With Sarah we lived "down the hill" so the weather wasn't nearly as cold. But wrapping her up was still a hassle.

I wish we had known about the Cuddlebabe. The Cuddlebabe Infant Wrap is a Uniquely Designed Wearable Baby Blanket! These fleece baby wrap is the most uniquely-designed "wearable baby blanket" you will ever find. Cuddlebabe is crafted of high quality, easy-care, 100% polyester fleece in beautiful eye-catching prints. (Visit the Photo Gallery to see all designs.) Cuddlebabe is made of easy-care 100% polyester fleece. The edges are also bound with fleece, providing a soft and cuddly cocoon. Flaps close around your baby to keep him warm, and can be flipped open when indoors to keep your child from overheating. A large opening in the back allows the restraint belts to cross directly over your baby’s body, which keeps her safer without bulky jackets or snowsuits in-between (visit the Baby Safety section). Cuddlebabe is designed to stay in car seat or stroller all the time – your baby easily slides in and out as you rush through your busy day. It’s a snap to lift a sleeping baby out of Cuddlebabe and directly into their bed.

TWO of you will each win ONE cuddlebabe of your choice.

To enter, please visit Cuddlebabe, take a look around and in a comment tell me which design you'd choose if you won.

To receive an extra entry blog about this giveaway linking to THIS post and to Cuddlebabe.

This giveaway will end on August 30th  - with love, Amanda


New York Daily News

New car products for parents to keep their kids warm, safe and organized

by Josh Max
New York Daily News Auto Correspondent
Tuesday, January 22nd 2008, 4:00 AM

Keep your infant warm with the Cuddlebabe infant wrap.
Keep your infant warm with
the Cuddlebabe infant wrap.

"Sometimes it's like driving with a bee in the car — no, two bees," said a neighbor mom, describing her attempts to get to and from the grocery store carting two lively boys, ages 1 and 3. Carting kids here and there isn't child's play, but the following products will help new parents cope with the driving experience and keep all occupants safer and saner.

Cuddlebabe infant wraps  $33.95
The Cuddlebabe infant fleece wrap cuddles your baby warmly in soft, high-quality fleece and eliminates layers of infant outerwear and piles of stroller blankets. You can choose from a variety of eye-catching prints and a gift set includes the Cuddlebabe Wrap and the Blankee, which provides a baby-size (14" x 14") matching blanket trimmed and backed in satin as a silky soother for the kid.


Baby Guide Magazine

Baby Bits' Bounty
         Fall 2007

    Snap up one of these hot, new items for your little one!

Zooey Cuddlebabe

CuddleBabe Infant Wrap
This comfy fleece allows cozy travel for Baby. Car seat straps come through the back openings; a warm, tasseled hat is built-in. Swaddle Baby for the ultimate snuggle. Available in a variety of patterns for 0 - 22 pounds.

Purchase at Renaissance Gifts (3538 Tom Austin Hwy., Ste. 5, Springfield) or online at for $33.95.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Keep baby warm

ZooeyTransferring a baby from cold, outdoor weather to the car seat can be quite a challenge. With bulky jackets and readjusting the straps to fit over baby, it can sometimes become time consuming and unsafe. One device aims to make maneuvering baby into the car seat quicker and more effective.

The Cuddlebabe keeps your baby cozy and comfy from stroller to vehicle. It is designed to stay in the infant car seat or stroller permanently, so parents can easily slip even a sleeping baby in and out of the wrap.

The Cuddlebabe provides a soft and cuddly cocoon, while keeping the baby’s arms free. It’s available, starting at $33.95, at

< — Cox News Service

Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corp. Worchester, MA

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Looking for the right gift for the newborn or pre-schooler? Or maybe you want something to enhance your home's safety? These great new products have just what you're looking for.


Looking for the right gift for the new mom and dad on your holiday list? The Cuddlebabe is the perfect new gift that makes life on the go easier for parents. Made of 100 percent polyester fleece, the Cuddlebabe is easy to care for and comes in several beautiful, eye-catching prints. More than a bunting, the Cuddlewrap is designed to provide optimal comfort for infants. Babies will keep cozy and comfy inside this soft and cuddly cocoon while keeping their arms free. The Cuddlebabe is so comfortable for the littlest of bodies, no other outerwear will be necessary. For just $33.95, the Cuddlebabe is the perfect gift for this holiday season. Get you Cuddlebabe by calling toll free 866-946-3654 or going online.



WJZ - CBS affiliate in Baltimore, MD: 9/14/2008. President of KMH Creations LLC, Kathleen Hintz, presents the Cuddlebabe Wearable Blanket on WJZ-TV (CBS) in Baltimore, Maryland.

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WBAL - NBC affiliate in Baltimore, MD:  7/13/2008  Founder Kathleen Hintz is interviewed on WBAL-TV (NBC) in Baltimore, Maryland.  Cuddlebabe is featured during an interview with Kate Amara, weekend anchor.

View CuddleBabe Interview at WBAL-TV on YouTube


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